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   ARCA Mod discussion
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Posted: March 11th, 2007, 7:29am Report to Moderator
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Well, I put in this....request, I guess it is...over at the ARCA forum, I'll never let the sprintcar dream go

"Beta testers...how are the dirt physics coming along? I dont know if the physics that will make the car handle right in the dirt are more a function of the car physics or the track physics ( I am sure a combination of both, but one must be sort of primary right?)...

I have tried all the sprint mods there are for many different games, and they all are asphault physics on a little bit more slippery dirt track, but with the asphault type physics inability to handle a slide past a certain angle, let alone using the slide to scrub speed as necessary, etc.

At anyrate, I guess this may as well be the thread for it, but YOU guys may be the next great hope for a mod ( or full blown SIM ) that would be a dirt 410 sprintcar simulator.....and as far as pay to play goes....NAME YOUR PRICE!!

I may not be alone in saying, that for a real DIRT sprintcar sim with the other features ASR will have...even at $100.00 a pop, I couldnt buy it fast enough!!! and please dont think I have money to burn, hell I cant afford to even race go-karts in RL."

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